Call for Papers & Author Guidelines

Articles are hereby invited for publication in subsequent issues. All articles shall be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, three (3) copies for vetting which must contain the following format in presentation:

  1. Length: Articles should not be more than 15 pages of A4 paper, table, and references inclusive.
  2. Layout: Articles should be typed, double spaced on A4 size paper. The first page should have a complete title of the article and the name(s) of the author(s), address, and contact telephone number/and e-mail address. Photocopies or manuscripts are not acceptable.
  3. Quotations/Excerpts: Authors are reminded that where permission of reproduction of copyright materials is required, the manuscripts must accompany such permission. Authors are solely responsible for the factual accuracy of their contribution.
  4. Tables should be numbered easily in Arabic numeral throughout the paper and each should carry a descriptive title.
  5. Illustrations/pictures should be scanned to enable them form a suitable part of an article for publication.
  6. Abstract: this should be brief as much as possible(not more than 20 words)and should summarize the paper. It should be self-explanatory.
  7. References: Citation and Referencing should be in accordance with the latest edition of the manual of the American PsychologyAssociation (APA).
  8. Letters/Notes/News: Letters and notes should be sent directly to the Chairman or Editor-in-Chief.
  9. Mailing Procedure: Correspondence must be sent to :

Research and Publications Committee's Secretary, Administrative Office,

Oyo State College of Education, Lanlate

TIJER: Trailblazer International Journal of Educational Research, 

P.M.B, 001, Lanlate, Oyo State, Nigeria.

GSM: 08034171517, 08134937229



NOTE: Assessment Fee should be paid in cash to R & P Committee's Secretary. Subscribers are assured of a copy of the Journal as soon as it is ready.


Assessment Fee - â‚¦3,000.00

Publication Fee -   â‚¦12,000.00

Fee Payments

Payment for the publication should be made to the following bank account details:

Account Name: Olaoluwa Samuel Adejare

Account Number: 2001505599

Bank Name: First Bank Plc