ADEYEMI Oluremi Olubusuyi(1),

Corresponding Author


This paper tries to examine some of the unresolved socio-economic and political factors that are calling Nigeria national unity to questioning. National unity is generally seen as the bedrock to the development of any nation. Perhaps, this explains the reason why threat to the unity of any group of people is always viewed with all seriousness. The unity of Nigeria is therefore, paramount to her overall developments, hence various steps are always taken to overcome any incidence that will threaten the oneness of Nigeria. One of such step taken was the introduction of social studies in the school curriculum with specific content that could heal the wounds of Nigerians and achieve unity in diversity. The paper therefore examines the nature and concept of social studies, the growth and development of social studies and the concept of national unity. It further dwelt on the role of social studies in achieving national unity in Nigeria which is identifiedunder themes as good citizenship, creation of awareness fostering of national unity and how social studies and national unity are related. The paper concluded that both of them are closely related as they seek to strengthen the overall development of a nation. Recommendations were made in order to make the teaching and learning of social studies vibrant for the attainment of national unity in Nigeria among such recommendations were the use of pragmatic approach in the teaching and learning of social studies, training and re-training of teachers teaching the subject, constant review of the subject curriculum to meet the present needs of the societysimilar notingthat the subject should be taught at all levels of Nigeria educational system in order to make the learners appreciate the value of national unity


Social studies education, veritable tools, national unity

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